Best Invention for a Badly Insulated House

KotatsuThe Japanese have mastered winter survival, not by insulating their homes but dwelling inside the protection of a Chinese kotatsu. This ingenious investion not only keeps warm but unites the family under the same table.

Interestingly enough many parts of Japan are very cold during winter even though houses often lack compatibility with such harsh winters. That is because of central heating expenses are high and if you can avoid them, why not.

Kotatsu is a frame that has a table on top, a warmer inside and it’s covered by a thick cover. The blanket is put between the table and the frame, so that it just comes out of the edges of the table covering the inside. Thus creating a warm space where you can put your ¬†feet while eating, playing or using your laptop on the table. If feeling really cold, depending on the size you can put the most of your body inside. Just watch out, it’s a very cozy place and easy to fall asleep. However soothing you might wake up with your feet burning!

The only downside of the kotatsu is that if you do have central heating or a warm house then it’s just not the same anymore! So it might not be the perfect fit for a modern apartment. However the kotatsu also functions in the summer time as a normal table.

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