HideMyAss & Saying Yes to The Future of IPv6

HideMyAss VPN with IPv6

Remember that big announcement a few years back about IPv6? If you don’t, don’t worry. Most people don’t. Somehow, the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6 has gone on out of the limelight for a few years now. Let’s look back at IPv6 and how it’s progressed.

What is IPv6? Basically, it increases the amount of addresses available for use. Every computer, mobile phone, and tablet connects to the internet with an address. That website you’re viewing, it has an address too. For information to pass from a webserver to your computer you have to have IP addresses.

IPv6 was meant to solve the ever growing need for more addresses. And many companies, like HideMyAss are jumping in to aid the spread of this precious internet technology. With the added benefit of internet privacy and secure of course (more about that later). More people are using more devices every day. IPv4, which is the version before IPv6, was set up to allow a little over 4 billion addresses. With the ever growing number of devices being used, we’re starting to run out. IPv6 exponentially increases the available address to use. Where IPv4 allowed 2^32 address, IPv6 allows 2^132. Needless to say, we won’t be running out of IPv6 addresses anytime soon.

The requirements for migration requires little to no changes on the normal user. This is pretty much why most users haven’t had to be concerned with this and why it’s gotten little to no attention in the past few years. However, IPv6 has required changes on networks across the board. For one, DNS servers, servers that help translate IP addresses to user friendly addresses such as , have to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to be IPv6 friendly . There are some sites that only have IPv6 addresses. However, it’s not that many.

For the most part, ISPs (the company that supplies your internet services) have a lot of the work. They are the ones who have to support the use of IPv6. IPv4 is still in being used. However, as IPv6 gets used more, IPv4 will start to decline.

IPv6 saw a big push in 2012. Then, Google reported that 0.38% of users that used Google were using IPv6. Since then, Google has reported about 8% this year. At first, this may not seem like much. However, it’s been doubling every year. If the trend continues, we’ll be around 50% near 2017 and 100% around 2018.

IPv4 isn’t just a good idea that everyone is trying to use. It’s a requirement that we must eventually adapt to if we want all of our devices to be able to access the internet. Much like the postal service, if you want to send something somewhere you have to have addresses of where data is going and where it’s coming from. IPv6 allows for more addresses than IPv4. We simply will not have enough addresses if we do not fully implement IPv6.

In conclusion, IPv6 is here to stay. It’s not a question of whether we want to adapt to it. We have to. The only question is how fast we are able to do it and its progress. Its progress has been steady and looks to be on track. Even VPN companies like HideMyAss are starting to join in, and according to rumors they are planning a support for the new IP protocol. So those who want to be ahead of the times, we suggest you grab a HideMyAss Discount Coupon Code and register to their world famous VPN service. Support is really expected, any time soon!

IPv6 together with VPN is the new standard.

Sincere greetings,
Richie, “Richard Brantley”.


Just Say No to Godaddy & Get A Truly Cheap Domain

Shopping For Domains

A brilliant scheme has come to my recent attention on how we can use Godaddy to get the best out of their evil domain pricing. Yes, I found out that I can get a super cheap com domain from them, really really cheap and transfer my domain to another, better more caring and stable priced registrar afterwords. At Greek Row we are all about saying no, but we don’t mind saying yes at first! 😛

Those who are interested in reading more about it, I suggest you have a look at the buy a cheap domain for more than a year how to! It changed my life as far as domain pricing can go 🙂 Getting the good word out is not always easy with all the background noise out there.. especially web it comes to web hosting, domain names or anything that’s affiliate stuff. But the web host what folks seem pretty caring in an authentic way and could recommend them more.

I’ll be doing much more domain shopping in the future, with ridiculous prices through now our currently, yet unfortunately temporary Godaddy friends that are providing the “cheap” in domains. I would like to create some how to guides my self as well, but haven’t really found such great ideas just yet. But I can always do my share on pointing them out to my loving reader people.

Till next time,

Your host. Richie.


Crazy, Yet Wicket Opera in China

From the first time I saw a clip of “Peking Opera” theatre, I fell in love. Never had I seen something so crazy and out of their mind, yet something so deeply respected and connected to ancient culture. I think only China can put up such a wicked show.. one that not too many foreigners even know about. Perhaps they are taken away by the term “opera”, but I assure you.. it is far from anything that’s in the west. Get ready to laugh and to be confused.. you won’t regret it.

Chinese Opera Beijing

As always, the pictures speak for themselves. These expressions cannot be made up, they must be studied and practiced for a period of many years. It’s like becoming a yogi or something, after ten years you can start to stay that you understand some aspects of it. It’s all Chinese opera without the western influences as other forms of opera have faced.

Chinese Opera Peking

Of course, you won’t find any beauties in the western sense of the word. But if you are willing to get over the wacky make up and Chinese head shape, you are surely in for a treat. Lot’s of beautiful and even available women are there, eastern traditional style!

Chinese Opera

This last picture made me laugh very hard indeed. But besides the laugh, I hope that I have  tough you something about the world of opera. And how tradition doesn’t have to be boring. Greek Row is all about, attitude! boom!



Shanghai Can Be a Pretty Crazy Place Sometimes

Shanghai King of Munchies

I know the title is a bit unusually long for me, but Shanghai is one of those cities that deserve it! It’s without a doubt, one of my favourite cities in the world.. perhaps the favourite in China. Why? Because of the nightlife, simply put. It’s not just that, but for me personally it kind of resolved around that.

The munchies are just amazing man. In fact it is known as the munchies capital of China. Look at the above dinner I had with a bunch of friends last year, these crabs will simply knock your socks off. Everything is cheap, seafood is plentiful, delicious and everything is 24h man! If the chef is at sleep you can wake him up, or just go to the next restaurant.

As you might have guesses, I don’t really like to sleep in this city. Except at daytime. But even then I like to chill and relax while feeling the gentle and stinky sea breeze. The guys who show Shanghai the best, is no other than Show Shanghai! I’ve met them many times on my crusades around the city and I think they have the best thing going on of all the expat, foreigner connecting guides out there.

One time there was a bunch of girls from Australia, we ended up going out two days in a row. Discovering some of the most secret nightlife places, like clubs, bars, theaters, eateries and the lot! Couldn’t be more thankful for these guys on showing me the Shanghai style.

All in all, the place is pretty crazy and you can get messed up if your not careful. Or even worse, you might end up living there! It never happened to me, but it was close. Some things they should still fix to make the place better, but Shanghai is probably to most evolved in the list of Chinese cities. Not just as in infrastructure, but just the mindset is pretty modern. Or as modern as it can be with such a restricted society!


Research: Why Chinese Shout

Shouting Chinese Kid
A typical view of a screaming Chinese kid. Cute as well.

Greek rows decided to look deep into the question.. why Chinese people shout all the time. While many think it’s just culture.. custom.. Chinese have no manners and all that is just a superficial explanation.

After years of visiting the country, only recently it hit me. Baby talk. Yes, it’s all about baby talk. In the west, parents talk to their children with a childish voice, reducing the IQ capacity and postponing their adulthood. But in China this is not the case.

Here people shout to kids. It seems that kids are stupid and so that they can understand better, you have to shout to them. Preferably not too long sentences, just quick idiotic remarks with a loud voice. That will enter the little kids brains, right. And perfectly so, the kids answer by shouting.

Conclusion? Chinese kids grow up shouting everything that comes out of their mouths because they think it’s the way their suppose to speak. And I can assure you, in adult life, it’s a difficult habbit to break!

In fact, it just might be that people are getting louder every generation. Obviously China could use some good old western brainwashing.


Freaky Santa and Anti-Capitalism

Freaky Santa
Freaky Santa is the hero of those who recycle.

Have you met the anti-hero of all present-loving kids? Let me present to you, the freaky santa! He is about everything but the commercial christmas spirit which is an evil power lurking behind everything neon-light street corner.

Yes, I though this christmas would be a little anti-capitalist. A popular spice amongst those who know what the real joy of present-giving is. Spending as little as possible.

Without a doubt there are very many amazing toys in the shops. Actually too many that buying them just doesn’t give you the kicks any more. This is why we recommended not spending a buck.. and the happy news is that you can still get stuff.

Now how could we teach this lesson to kids? I think papa ought to show their kids a good time at the local dumpster. Flee markets are too lame already for nowadays modern kids. So chop-chop!


Please Show Me A Good Chinese Acrobatic Show!

Beijing Acrobatic Show
The acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing was full of light and action.. the crowd was definitely pleased. However I’m still trying to figure it out!

The title was a phrase I once heard when a friend of mine was visiting Beijing. Then I didn’t have any experience of any acrobatics from pretty much anywhere.. therefore taking up this challenge was truly a challenge. Finding a performance in Beijing wasn’t the problem but choosing one did end up being quite a task.

After much consultation from my friends and colleagues I decided on a Beijing Acrobatic Show from the central district of Chaoyang. It was supposedly the “best in the city” and “highly acclaimed”.. amongst other boasting titles that I won’t bother to mention here. Everyone including my friend, seemed to absolutely love it. However I couldn’t help thinking that there was something odd there. The show just felt tacky.. and the China kind of tacky which lacks the sort of romanticism I believe I could be able to understand.

I guess it just depends on the type of person who finds these kinds of shows interesting or not. Or perhaps who finds China interesting or not.. ? My friend got me tickets right in the middle of the action and the audience was going wild as dozen or so motorcycled entered a circular cage in pit black! Might sound good, but seeing it seemed a little pointless. Like there was no originality.

I have nothing against spectacular shows and I loved the kung fu show which actually shows some skill. But what is it that exists people when they see acrobats throwing hats at each other? I just don’t get it.. my friend later told me that this was the best acrobatic show he has ever seen in his life. And he has quite a lot of experience about acrobatic shows as well.

While his question was answered I was still left thinking.. Show me a good Chinese acrobatic show!! I wouldn’t dare to go to see another one in Beijing. Maybe next try i’ll try something fun when I visit Shanghai. Any advice on that? Let me know!


Good Old Dick Trance

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Dick Trance, let me elaborate. There was a time when cheesy trance was not commercial. That time, around ten years ago was the golden time to tell yourself that trance sounded good. If you are one of the lucky ones that lived during that time, you can still check back on nostalgic trance hits and enjoy them. But if you are one of the unlucky ones, you probably wont understand them. Worse yet, you are subject to modern day commercial trance which is a mere brainwash to make you a worthless slave for the global elite.

Man, during those times even sucking on lollypops was considered gay. A way to break into the new century. But all that has disappeared because that break through already happened. What’s the next best way to embrace the novel, the new. It’s up to you. The music will change but underground parties will never die.

So whether you have been fortunate enough to live through those times or not, there is one song everyone should hear. Then you will know what is dick trance, in your own way. Listen to it, know it and move a long!



Gardener Insight: Work Slow!

Relax GardeningA gardening expert shares tips on being lazy and travels around the world.

Slow gardening brings a new kind of an approach to the hobby. It’s when you are most productive while kicking back with a relaxing and calm mind during work. Besides being productive it’s important to enjoy and get a sense of reward from your work. The concept is simple, if you are stressing about something then there is something wrong and you can do something about it.

Origins of such a break through in simplicity are from zen buddhism. According to it’s teachings, one should concentrate on the present moment to truly enjoy and live life. This helps one to forget all worries of the past and future as there are none in reality. Doing something with full attention and heart is the trick to realizing this. So get a shovel ready and see how slowly you can plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, anything!


South Korean Style Sauna Breeds Luxury

SaunaA public Sauna in South Korea is more like a spa. They are very popular and many of them are open all night. These luxury bath houses can occupy a height of five floors and aren’t spoiled with price either. At five euros per head you get a full treatment. The establishment will provide you with an outfit used in resting rooms and all the other spaces outside of the bathing place itself where business is conducted but naked.

Variety of saunas and pools can be baffling. Besides the traditional, you have mud baths, jade baths, massage baths, salty baths and saunas, steam saunas, finnish saunas etc. As you wonder through the spaces you can see loads of half naked Koreans sleeping about after their relaxing baths.

You can wonder around different floors, with all kinds of spaces for relaxing. For some comfortable enough to spend a cheap nights sleep. Oxygen room, salt room, ice room and herb rooms are some options to choose from. Not to mention activities like karaoke, video games, internet, food, movies, fitness rooms, you name it.