Kang Bed-Stove Might Fry Your Butt

imagesThe Kang Bed is a traditional Chinese bed-stove which can be used in a variety of ways. Forget the privacy of your own bed, this large bed usually covering most of the room space is used for eating, playing chess, meetings and even sleeping=) So if you think that you can own a bed in China, think again and welcome everyone to share the fun.

The best feature of all is that the bed is heated with wood. To balance the fact that the rest of the house is very cold in the winter, the bed will be extremely hot, so do be careful with those bums. If you are the type that hates hot summers, this bed might not be for you. If you love summer but hate the cold, you might not want to leave the bed ever again!

Thus the bed brings its contradictions which are easily solved within a warm social atmosphere of a Chinese family enjoying the bed. Now when could we get these to the western market? Not anytime soon.

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