Gardener Insight: Work Slow!

Relax GardeningA gardening expert shares tips on being lazy and travels around the world.

Slow gardening brings a new kind of an approach to the hobby. It’s when you are most productive while kicking back with a relaxing and calm mind during work. Besides being productive it’s important to enjoy and get a sense of reward from your work. The concept is simple, if you are stressing about something then there is something wrong and you can do something about it.

Origins of such a break through in simplicity are from zen buddhism. According to it’s teachings, one should concentrate on the present moment to truly enjoy and live life. This helps one to forget all worries of the past and future as there are none in reality. Doing something with full attention and heart is the trick to realizing this. So get a shovel ready and see how slowly you can plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, anything!

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