South Korean Style Sauna Breeds Luxury

SaunaA public Sauna in South Korea is more like a spa. They are very popular and many of them are open all night. These luxury bath houses can occupy a height of five floors and aren’t spoiled with price either. At five euros per head you get a full treatment. The establishment will provide you with an outfit used in resting rooms and all the other spaces outside of the bathing place itself where business is conducted but naked.

Variety of saunas and pools can be baffling. Besides the traditional, you have mud baths, jade baths, massage baths, salty baths and saunas, steam saunas, finnish saunas etc. As you wonder through the spaces you can see loads of half naked Koreans sleeping about after their relaxing baths.

You can wonder around different floors, with all kinds of spaces for relaxing. For some comfortable enough to spend a cheap nights sleep. Oxygen room, salt room, ice room and herb rooms are some options to choose from. Not to mention activities like karaoke, video games, internet, food, movies, fitness rooms, you name it.

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South Korean style Saunas are extremely relaxing and you need a lot of o time to visit one. I prefer stronger Saunas my self but this is a must experience if you ask me.

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