Freaky Santa and Anti-Capitalism

Freaky Santa
Freaky Santa is the hero of those who recycle.

Have you met the anti-hero of all present-loving kids? Let me present to you, the freaky santa! He is about everything but the commercial christmas spirit which is an evil power lurking behind everything neon-light street corner.

Yes, I though this christmas would be a little anti-capitalist. A popular spice amongst those who know what the real joy of present-giving is. Spending as little as possible.

Without a doubt there are very many amazing toys in the shops. Actually too many that buying them just doesn’t give you the kicks any more. This is why we recommended not spending a buck.. and the happy news is that you can still get stuff.

Now how could we teach this lesson to kids? I think papa ought to show their kids a good time at the local dumpster. Flee markets are too lame already for nowadays modern kids. So chop-chop!

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