Please Show Me A Good Chinese Acrobatic Show!

Beijing Acrobatic Show
The acrobatic show at Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing was full of light and action.. the crowd was definitely pleased. However I’m still trying to figure it out!

The title was a phrase I once heard when a friend of mine was visiting Beijing. Then I didn’t have any experience of any acrobatics from pretty much anywhere.. therefore taking up this challenge was truly a challenge. Finding a performance in Beijing wasn’t the problem but choosing one did end up being quite a task.

After much consultation from my friends and colleagues I decided on a Beijing Acrobatic Show¬†from the central district of Chaoyang. It was supposedly the “best in the city” and “highly acclaimed”.. amongst other boasting titles that I won’t bother to mention here. Everyone including my friend, seemed to absolutely love it. However I couldn’t help thinking that there was something odd there. The show just felt tacky.. and the China kind of tacky which lacks the sort of romanticism I believe I could be able to understand.

I guess it just depends on the type of person who finds these kinds of shows interesting or not. Or perhaps who finds China interesting or not.. ? My friend got me tickets right in the middle of the action and the audience was going wild as dozen or so motorcycled entered a circular cage in pit black! Might sound good, but seeing it seemed a little pointless. Like there was no originality.

I have nothing against spectacular shows and I loved the kung fu show which actually shows some skill. But what is it that exists people when they see acrobats throwing hats at each other? I just don’t get it.. my friend later told me that this was the best acrobatic show he has ever seen in his life. And he has quite a lot of experience about acrobatic shows as well.

While his question was answered I was still left thinking.. Show me a good Chinese acrobatic show!! I wouldn’t dare to go to see another one in Beijing. Maybe next try i’ll try something fun when I visit Shanghai. Any advice on that? Let me know!

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