Research: Why Chinese Shout

Shouting Chinese Kid
A typical view of a screaming Chinese kid. Cute as well.

Greek rows decided to look deep into the question.. why Chinese people shout all the time. While many think it’s just culture.. custom.. Chinese have no manners and all that is just a superficial explanation.

After years of visiting the country, only recently it hit me. Baby talk. Yes, it’s all about baby talk. In the west, parents talk to their children with a childish voice, reducing the IQ capacity and postponing their adulthood. But in China this is not the case.

Here people shout to kids. It seems that kids are stupid and so that they can understand better, you have to shout to them. Preferably not too long sentences, just quick idiotic remarks with a loud voice. That will enter the little kids brains, right. And perfectly so, the kids answer by shouting.

Conclusion? Chinese kids grow up shouting everything that comes out of their mouths because they think it’s the way their suppose to speak. And I can assure you, in adult life, it’s a difficult habbit to break!

In fact, it just might be that people are getting louder every generation. Obviously China could use some good old western brainwashing.

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