Shanghai Can Be a Pretty Crazy Place Sometimes

Shanghai King of Munchies

I know the title is a bit unusually long for me, but Shanghai is one of those cities that deserve it! It’s without a doubt, one of my favourite cities in the world.. perhaps the favourite in China. Why? Because of the nightlife, simply put. It’s not just that, but for me personally it kind of resolved around that.

The munchies are just amazing man. In fact it is known as the munchies capital of China. Look at the above dinner I had with a bunch of friends last year, these crabs will simply knock your socks off. Everything is cheap, seafood is plentiful, delicious and everything is 24h man! If the chef is at sleep you can wake him up, or just go to the next restaurant.

As you might have guesses, I don’t really like to sleep in this city. Except at daytime. But even then I like to chill and relax while feeling the gentle and stinky sea breeze. The guys who show Shanghai the best, is no other than Show Shanghai! I’ve met them many times on my crusades around the city and I think they have the best thing going on of all the expat, foreigner connecting guides out there.

One time there was a bunch of girls from Australia, we ended up going out two days in a row. Discovering some of the most secret nightlife places, like clubs, bars, theaters, eateries and the lot! Couldn’t be more thankful for these guys on showing me the Shanghai style.

All in all, the place is pretty crazy and you can get messed up if your not careful. Or even worse, you might end up living there! It never happened to me, but it was close. Some things they should still fix to make the place better, but Shanghai is probably to most evolved in the list of Chinese cities. Not just as in infrastructure, but just the mindset is pretty modern. Or as modern as it can be with such a restricted society!

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I know the guys at Show Shanghai, they are simply brilliant and really know how to show a fun time out in the city. My greetings to the dear lads 😛

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