Crazy, Yet Wicket Opera in China

From the first time I saw a clip of “Peking Opera” theatre, I fell in love. Never had I seen something so crazy and out of their mind, yet something so deeply respected and connected to ancient culture. I think only China can put up such a wicked show.. one that not too many foreigners even know about. Perhaps they are taken away by the term “opera”, but I assure you.. it is far from anything that’s in the west. Get ready to laugh and to be confused.. you won’t regret it.

Chinese Opera Beijing

As always, the pictures speak for themselves. These expressions cannot be made up, they must be studied and practiced for a period of many years. It’s like becoming a yogi or something, after ten years you can start to stay that you understand some aspects of it. It’s all Chinese opera without the western influences as other forms of opera have faced.

Chinese Opera Peking

Of course, you won’t find any beauties in the western sense of the word. But if you are willing to get over the wacky make up and Chinese head shape, you are surely in for a treat. Lot’s of beautiful and even available women are there, eastern traditional style!

Chinese Opera

This last picture made me laugh very hard indeed. But besides the laugh, I hope that I have ¬†tough you something about the world of opera. And how tradition doesn’t have to be boring. Greek Row is all about, attitude! boom!