Just Say No to Godaddy & Get A Truly Cheap Domain

Shopping For Domains

A brilliant scheme has come to my recent attention on how we can use Godaddy to get the best out of their evil domain pricing. Yes, I found out that I can get a super cheap com domain from them, really really cheap and transfer my domain to another, better more caring and stable priced registrar afterwords. At Greek Row we are all about saying no, but we don’t mind saying yes at first! 😛

Those who are interested in reading more about it, I suggest you have a look at the buy a cheap domain for more than a year how to! It changed my life as far as domain pricing can go 🙂 Getting the good word out is not always easy with all the background noise out there.. especially web it comes to web hosting, domain names or anything that’s affiliate stuff. But the web host what folks seem pretty caring in an authentic way and could recommend them more.

I’ll be doing much more domain shopping in the future, with ridiculous prices through now our currently, yet unfortunately temporary Godaddy friends that are providing the “cheap” in domains. I would like to create some how to guides my self as well, but haven’t really found such great ideas just yet. But I can always do my share on pointing them out to my loving reader people.

Till next time,

Your host. Richie.